Radiowave Palatoplasty (Somnoplasty / Somnioplasty)

Radio frequency thermal ablation of the soft palate is a new procedure for which there are no long term results yet available. It appears to be most suitable for the early stages of snoring or slight snoring.It works by stiffening and shrinking the tissues of the soft palate.

A number of techniques are described with regards the creating of fibrous stiffening of the soft palate.

Because of his experience with the Laserbatten procedure, Dr Lewkovitz's method utilises three full length soft palate vertical position battens. The advantage of this technique is that there is minimal discomfort. It relies on the shrinking of fibres to shorten the soft palate. If the procedure and subsequent repeat procedures do not give a satisfactory result, laser surgery remains a viable alternative.

Under local anaesthetic the soft palate is treated with a special instrument to create shrinkage and stiffening of the tissues of the soft palate. This procedure is relatively comfortable and the patient is usually able to go back to work within a day. There may be a need to repeat the procedure if snoring continues after two months from surgery  Up to three procedures can be offered prior to considering laser surgery of the soft palate.

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