Laser Pharyngoplasty And Laser Batten Surgery Post Operative Instructions

It is in your best interests that you do not make important decisions, operate complex or dangerous equipment, drink alcohol or do anything which requires you to be alert and coordinated for 24 hours after sedation. This includes driving a motor car.


The main difficulty experienced by patients after this laser surgery is pain in the roof of the mouth. This discomfort is due to the healing surfaces which are raw and take between a week to ten days to complete the initial healing. There is a gradual healing which takes a much longer time and generally, judgment of snoring improvement should not be made for a two-month period. One week’s absence from work can be anticipated. This procedure is carried out as a one stage operation and only occasionally may require touch-up revision surgery.

The following instructions are for general care following this surgery:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids

  2. Frequent chewing of gum helps settle the fluid in the tissues

  3. In the first week, soft foods are to be preferred. No roughage or fibrous, stringy foods which could rub the healing tissue. Soups and soft foods are most easily tolerated.

Pain Relief

The pain experienced can be worst between days 3 to 6. The discomfort experienced will vary from patient to patient. The following instruction treatments may be used in part or in whole, dependant on the discomfort need. In general, it is better to use the medication on a regular basis before the pain sets in, rather than waiting for discomfort to occur.

Prednisone This tablet is to reduce the swelling of the throat tissues. Before surgery, it should be taken 10mg, twice daily, and then continued at the same dose for seven days after surgery and then 5mg each morning for the 8th to 10th day and then stop.

Should you get any stomach irritation or have a past history of gastric ulcer, please advise Dr. Lewkovitz. Other side effects may include fluid retention which can lead to a very slight increase in weight on a temporary basis.


Erythromycin: 250mg four times a day before meals for five days after surgery.

Mouth Gargles : Betadine as a mouth gargle should be used three times daily.

Difflam (Benzydamine hydrochloride, Cetylpyridinium chloride), pain-relieving gargle 10-15ml gargled but not swallowed, as often as needed up to every hour and a quarter.

Panadeine Forte : (Paracetamol, codeine) Two tablets, 3 to 4 times daily, half an hour before meals, is useful for pain relief, particularly days 3 to 6. Do not take more than 8 tablets per day. (These can cause constipation).

Strepsils Anaesthetic Spray : (Amylmetacresol, dichlorobenzyl alcohol, lignocaine.) This anaesthetic spray can be used every three hours up to a maximum of six times per day with 3 puffs onto the affected area.

Please call the Centre for routine questions and to schedule follow-up visits.

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