Jaw Surgery

Where patients with obstructive sleep apnoea  have an airway blockage at the rear of the tongue, surgical modification of the jaw may be required.

Geniotubercle Advancement .
The fixation of the tongue muscles to the front of the jaw is detached and drawn forward. This leaves more space behind the tongue

The simplest procedure (genioglossus advancement) does not require movement of the jaw or teeth but moves the attachment of the genioglossus of the tongue to the inner surface of the front of the jawbone or mandible forward by 10-14mm. This places tension on the tongue similar to the tongue sling mentioned on the tongue surgery page.


Front view of geniotubercle advancement


More significant procedures of bimaxillary advancement moving forward both the lower and upper jaws may bre required. This is particularly appropriate in patients who have dental malocclusion.

Combined bimaxillary and geniotubercle advancement procedure of upper and lower jaws

Diagrams from: D.N.F. Fairbanks and S. Fujita, Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Second Edition. Raven Press Ltd. New York 1994.

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