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Welcome to A free information resource for medical practitioners, patients and snoring sufferers dealing with snoring, snoring related illness such as apnea (apnoea) and treatments for snoring. If you, or someone you know has a snoring problem, this site contains important information.

Snoring is an unfortunate sleep disorder which can be treated!  

This site is sponsored by Dr. George Lewkovitz of the Centre for Snoring and Sleep Disorders, Sydney Australia.

February 2010 News: is ten years old! We were one of the very first websites in the world dealing with snoring, and are now one of the most respected. Millions of snoring sufferers (and their suffering partners) have visited our website and we receive thousands of new visitors, every single month! Thank you so much for all of your support. continues to be one of the World's most popular snoring related websites, and with good reason. Have a look around, we hope to help with your snoring problem. Check out our snoring support forum which continues to be highly popular.

Injection Snoreplasty Information Our site now includes a section for buying and selling second-hand snoring and apnoea equipment such as CPAP. We also recently added a section on the new non-surgical snoring treatment known as  Pillar Procedure and it's obvious from enquiries that this snoring treatment is of interest. We do hope you will find an answer to your problem and remember to leave your comments or speak with doctors and patients in our popular Snoring Support Forum. If you know someone who snores, why not tell them about this site? Maybe leave a note under their pillow!

Sixty Minutes feature on The Centre for Snoring and Sleep Disorders and snoring treatment       Today Tonight feature on non-surgical Snoreplasty treatment
As seen on: Sixty Minutes special on snoring and snoring surgery, Mornings with Kerri-Anne,  Today Tonight specials on non-surgical Snoreplasty treatment and Pillar Procedure as well as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph , The Australian and dozens of other media. .


Do You Have a Snoring Problem?
Assess the severity of your snoring with our online exam.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snoring ( Snoring FAQ )
Answers to frequently asked questions about snoring and its treatment.

Online Snoring Discussion Forum
Electronic Bulletin Board to speak with doctors, patients, post your questions and read others' about snoring and sleep disorder issues. (Our old forum is archived here).

Injection Snoreplasty Information Buy and Sell Sleep equipment (including CPAP) here as well.

The Physiology and Anatomy of Snoring
Causes of snoring, and the structure of the body parts affected by snoring.

Snoring Surgery
Information about snoring operations, laser surgery, Somnoplasty / Somnioplasty and post-operative care after nasal, palatal and neck surgery.

Snoring and Sleep Apnoea in Children
Is your child's snoring a serious problem that warrants treatment?

Popular - Non-Surgical Treatment of Snoring
Information about alternative snoring treatments such as nasal strips and dental appliances. Also discusses 'miracle cures' and treatment for snoring including sprays and pillows. Read this important information before wasting your money or endangering your health.

Injection Snoreplasty InformationPillar Procedure for Snoring
Details about the new Pillar Procedure for snoring.

Injection Snoreplasty
Information about the non-surgical snoring treatment known as Injection Snoreplasty.

Contact The Centre for Snoring and Sleep Disorders
Information, appointments and contact details for our Sydney Australia office.